A Mettlesome Design Creation

Enfilade Lunaire A Mettlesome Design Creation
13 April 2018
GIORNO E NOTTE A Mettlesome Design Creation
10 April 2018

This bench is made of rare marble and placed on spherical feet in flambé brilliant brass.

This is an essential part of the collection where the elongated shape and traditional proportions marry with a contemporary design and very fashionable design: if you look at the bench on the side, you see the silhouette of an apple.

The name APPLEWAVE represents the union between APPLE, whose shape, and WAVE, whose name is SILVERWAVE marble, and it can well represent the human design work that plays with the material giving it a strong character and a well-defined essence.

The design and movement given by this marble were chosen so that they could marry well with the soft shapes of the “apple” and the spheres. As well the marriage between the color of the feet and that of the golden veins.


Dimensions: 250X50xH45 cm

Materials: Marble SILVERWAVE, Spherical feet in shiny brass flambé

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