Enfilade Lunaire
A Mettlesome Design Creation

SFERALUNA A Mettlesome Design Creation
13 April 2018
APPLEWAVE A Mettlesome Design Creation
10 April 2018

This innovative set of vases is made up of two alabaster vases and a composition of vases of different shapes and sizes in alabaster and black marble inserts from Belgium. The twin vases and the large vase of the central group are equipped with bronze handles made of sand and different shapes.

The handles of the twin vases are sculptures which are composed of a set of very sharp arrows, like the flaming arrows of a burning fire; the two handles of the large central vase are geometric and reflect the parallelepipedal forms of each vase.

All vases are backlit and rest on black and white “scagliola” sheaths with a graphic and contemporary design and solid brass pedestals.

The large dimensions of the whole ensemble and the precious nature of all the materials used make this triptych a unique sculpture, rather than a simple luminaire.


Dimensions: pair of large vases 40x40xh220 cm, central group 65x65xh220 cm

Materials: alabaster, bronze, scagliola, brass, black marble from Belgium

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