A Mettlesome Design Creation

HORUS A Mettlesome Design Creation
10 April 2018
APOLLON A Mettlesome Design Creation
10 April 2018

Red and black are among the most important colors because they have always been associated with the two creative forces par excellence: the passion of love and the drive of life.

The symbolism contained in the colors is therefore a good starting point to understand the many meanings around the design of this console where we can clearly see the dynamism between the well-defined volume of the parallelepiped of the leg in red lacquered travertine and the “lightness” iron excavations patinated and waxed black.

The contrast between the strength of the iron and the pride of the marble is even emphasized by two types of finish used on the surfaces of two materials: glossy red Venetian lacquer for travertine and black wax patina for iron sheets.

METTLESOME decided to reinterpret this principle by playing with both colors and volumes of stone and wrought iron sheets.


Dimensions: 180x90xH90 cm

Materials: lacquered TRAVERTINO marble, patinated iron with black wax

Dimensions : 180x90xH90 cm

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