A Mettlesome Design Creation

APPLEWAVE A Mettlesome Design Creation
10 April 2018
SELENE A Mettlesome Design Creation
10 April 2018

Black and white are two extremely significant colors because they are exactly in opposition: one, the black, absorbs all the energy and the other, the white, releases everything in a mutual relation; one can not exist without the other. In this sense, both colors are charged with dense meanings associated with important contrasts such as darkness and light, earth and sky, moon and sun, water and fire, and masculine and feminine.

According to Chinese philosophy for example, the concept of black (Yin) and white (Yang) has very ancient origins, born from the observation of the day that turns into night and night that turns into day or fire, noting the color, heat, light and intensity of the flame.

METTLESOME has decided to reinterpret all of this in a contemporary perspective where white and black represent both tradition and innovation and old materials, such as marble, and new ones, such as resin decoration from the inside.

You will be able to see all these contrasts where the beautiful materials, such as the black NERO BELGIO marble and the SIVEC white marble given by the Earth, play together with the human creativity which gives them a sublime touch.


Dimensions: 150x45xH 165 cm

Materials: Black Marble (NERO BELGIO), White Marble (SIVEC), wrought iron, artistic resin knots

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