A Mettlesome Design Creation

METTLEMOON A Mettlesome Design Creation
15 June 2018
Enfilade Lunaire A Mettlesome Design Creation
13 April 2018

Mettlesome design has imagined this chandelier as a planetary system consisting of a variety of celestial bodies held in orbit by gravity.

The chandelier is composed of five alabaster spheres of different diameters that embody the five dwarf planets of the solar system, named Ceres, Pluto, Haumea, Makemake and Eris.

Gravity and the organizing force of the entire planetary system, is represented by the black patinated steel structure supporting the alabaster spheres.

The contrast between the two net and defined volumes of the steel plate and the spheres and the translucent effect of the surfaces of the alabaster spheres gives it a mysterious spirit reminiscent of the Universe.


Dimensions: 50x50xH100cm

Materials: Five-spherical alabaster chandelier on a black patinated iron structure

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