A Mettlesome Design Creation

VENUS A Mettlesome Design Creation
10 April 2018

It is a set of three tables in different materials and shapes. The circular size of the tables and the contrasting marble colors inspire to imagine the painting spots of the nymphs of the great impressionist painter Monet. The surface of the marble has been treated with a special “satin” finish that gives it a delicate and soft touch.

SAHARA BLACK- PICASSO – EMPERADOR, evoke to feeling of getting lost in far and exotic settings.


Dimensions: Ø140Xh35 cm

Materials: BLACK SAHARA black marble (rare with a single golden vein)


Dimensions: Ø100Xh45 cm

Materials: PICASSO BROWN marble, brass feet “fiammato ottone opaco”


Dimensions: Ø60Xh25 cm

Materials: EMPERADOR Brown Marble



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