A Mettlesome Design Creation

29 October 2018
METTLEMOON A Mettlesome Design Creation
15 June 2018

This important sculptured screen is characterized by rounded shapes and delicate reminiscent of a canvas blown by the wind.

It is after a trip in the American canyons modelled by the winds, that METTLESOME DESIGN has decided to reinterpret the force of the wind and its consequences. The structure of the screen has been modelled following curved geometries that give it lightness. While the silvery and gilded bronze shine like the clear waters of the Aegean Sea swept by the Meltem, the summer Greek wind that brings happiness and refreshes the atmosphere.

In a perspective of continuous research of new materials and forms, METTLESOME DESIGN decided to marry two different materials, wood and metal using the technique of “liquid metal”. It is a fairly modern and contemporary technique that can cover a surface with “cold” metal for limitless finishings.

This technique is an important theme in the entire METTLESOME DESIGN 2018 collection.


Dimensions: 150xH240 cm

Materials: wood, guilded and silverly bronze

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