A Mettlesome Design Creation

GIORNO E NOTTE A Mettlesome Design Creation
10 April 2018
HORUS A Mettlesome Design Creation
10 April 2018

This large dresser with four doors and three draws consists of a long parallelepiped design resting on a base with two curved arches.

Although the materials used are mainly marble and bronze, this dresser is made with a wooden structure covered with marble planks that cover the top, sides and the frontal “U” frontal cornice. All wooden elements, which would otherwise be visible, are treated and finished with a “layer” of bronze that was cast on the surfaces using a special technique called “liquid metal”.

It is a fairly modern and contemporary technique that “dresses” a surface with metal, ensuring lightness and infinite possibilities of finishing. In this case we used a finish “craters lunar” for all the upper elements and “metal pitted” for the bronze arches of the base.

The contrast between the two net and definite volumes of the parallelepiped and arches and the different finishes of the textured surfaces of marble and bronze give it a spectacular and mysterious spirit at the same time, like Selênê, the goddess of the Moon. Note the notch of marble that remains almost superficial and allows you to easily place objects on the board. The interior of drawers and lockers is treated with walnut.

Dimensions: 240x60xH80cm

Materials: carved marble black macrame or white Carrara with fronts and base in liquid metal, walnut (interior)

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